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Sico Swim SS 15cm /48g

Sico Swim SS 15cm /48g

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Sico Swim SS is a 155 mm articulated hard lure weighing 48 grams. It is a Slow Sinking model to allow for long pauses. A formidable weapon for predators.

Slow sinking for a stealthy approach: Unlike floating or fast-sinking lures, the "Sico Swim SS" is slow sinking, which means it sinks slowly in the water. This feature allows for a more stealthy and realistic approach, giving the impression of a fish moving naturally in the lower layers of the water, thus attracting the attention of lurking pike.

Versatility in all fishing conditions: Whether you are fishing in calm waters, turbulent rivers, or deep lakes, the "Sico Swim SS" adapts to all fishing conditions. You can retrieve it at different speeds, make pauses to trigger the pike’s hunting instinct, and even perform "Twitch" to erratically move the lure.

Variety of attractive colors: Available in a range of attractive colors, the "Sico Swim SS" offers options suitable for different water conditions and pike preferences. From natural shades to bright colors, you can choose the one that best matches your fishing style and the preferences of the pike in your area.

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