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Sico Lure Perfect 6.4cm

Sico Lure Perfect 6.4cm

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We are proud to unveil our new trout lure for 2024!

A swimbait that required over a year and a half of research and development. The Perfect is a sinking swimbait designed as a complement to the renowned Sico-First.

It features 2 strategically placed tungsten weights, causing the lure to descend from the rear with a pronounced rolling action.

Its streamlined and compact shape allows for easy casting over long distances.

It has been designed to fish deeper waters and withstand strong currents.

The offered colors and sizes provide a complete range for targeting the most elusive trout!

Whether twitched, retrieved with a sawtooth action, or fished downstream, this new lure boasts remarkable versatility.

A must-have for trout fishing !

The lure swims well with fast retrieval or twitching, but it's not recommended for slow trolling.

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