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LMAB Drunk Dancer 23cm

LMAB Drunk Dancer 23cm

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Product information LMAB Drunk Dancer 23 cm 68g - 1 Lure per purchase

Pike anglers in particular will be delighted with this new addition to the LMAB product range! This lure is versatile and extremely effective on various rigs.

The perfect twin tail lure or trailer - LMAB Drunk Dancer

In addition to jerkbaits, rubber fish and twisters, there is a bait that is superior to most other baits, mainly because of its special presentation. This twin tail from LMAB can be used in any situation, which makes it a real universal weapon that should be with you on every fishing trip! The optimally balanced rubber mixture, catchy colour patterns and the realistic design make the Drunk Dancer the perfect bait when larger fish are to be caught in a targeted manner.

Rigging Options

1. Jighead rig: The simplest variant of baiting is definitely the jig head. The Drunk Dancer can be ideally combined with it thanks to its recess on the head and is then ready for use in most situations. It can either be jigged over the bottom to target pike and zander or cranked over the weed with the light jig head. The upward single hook is also a good compromise between bite yield and reduced susceptibility to snagging. Jigging over weed mats can also be very effective - let it sink briefly and then turn the crank a few times - try it out! We recommend a hook size of 9/10 or 10/0.

2. Shallow rig: A stinger rig with a single treble hook is best for fishing in open water or over edges without touching structure or bottom. This is attached using a shallow screw screwed into the Drunk Dancer's head. Either swivels or heavy gauge steel can be used to connect the shallow screw to the hook. The treble is ideally positioned on the belly, so that even sluggish bites lead to the hooked fish. Simply crank and install short spinning stops, or lurch through in slow motion - this is where the bait shines because even with the lightest pull the tail parts start to play.

3. Offset rig: If you want to fish in very snagging sections or want to lead the Drunk Dancer directly through thick weed, you should use a sufficiently dimensioned offset hook, which can also be screwed in at the front of the head. The ingenious thing is that even very large offset hooks, which are pierced far back on the body, do not affect the movement of the lure as is the case with rubber fish. This is how you achieve a maximum bite yield despite the top action of the twin tails! This technique can be used very successfully, especially in summer, for example to fish directly on and between water lilies - a really exciting method!

The facts about the LMAB Drunk Dancer

Length: 23cm
Weight: 68 grams
Ideal for big fish fishing
very versatile
seductive action even with the lightest pull
with flavor
attractive decors
Package content: 1 piece
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