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Fish Jig Head Flashmer

Fish Jig Head Flashmer

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Pack of 5pc

Fish-shaped lead head, raw lead, for rigging all types of soft lures (shads, finesse, worms, etc.). Available in  - 9 g (No. 2/0) - 14 g (No. 3/0) - 21 g (No. 3/0) - 28 g (No. 3/0) - 36 g (No. 4/0)

With its ultra-realistic fish head profile, this lead head will give all your lures the perfect appearance of a real forage fish. This head has a double anti-slip ring on the shank for better grip on the soft lure.

Thanks to its straight cut and wide-opening hook, it will adapt perfectly to all your shads and give them a hyper-attractive rolling swim. Extremely versatile and available in various weights, it is suitable for all shad fishing techniques.

Fish head profile! Ultra-realistic! Straight cut Double anti-slip ring Resilient and ultra-sharp hook Economical price!

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