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LMAB Drunk Twister 16cm Tropicana Tina

LMAB Drunk Twister 16cm Tropicana Tina

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Twister meets Drunk Bait 

The LMAB Drunk Twister is the combination of the classic dragon tail or curl tail bait with the successful Drunk Bait. This means the seductively snaking tail action meets intense water displacement from the Drunk Bait front end! 

While the front half with the characteristic, concave Drunk Bait head ensures stable running and water displacement, the curl tail with its high side profile wobbles even at the slowest retrieve speed. Every predator will be seduced by its action!

The Drunk Twister comes in different sizes - 12 and 16 cm. Both sizes work great with a jig head, but each also has its own special area of application where they perform particularly well. 

The larger 16 cm version scores points on the Shallow Rig and as a trailer on the Miuras Mouse Mini. 
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