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Chatterbait Bim Tackle ChaCha Bait Junior 20cm

Chatterbait Bim Tackle ChaCha Bait Junior 20cm

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The little brother of the Cha Cha Bait!

Slightly reduced volume and an overall lighter lure by 30%, allowing it to be used on a classic spinning setup.

A go-to for power fishing pike, featuring the famous bucktail/rabbit fur combination, complemented by the vibrating action of the blade!

- Very effective jig especially for the big predators
- Length: 20cm
- Weight: 29g
- Wet weight: about 35g
- Dive depth: 1m to 3 segonds
- Sinking speed: 1 meter per 3 seconds
- Extremely realistic action
- Can be fished in at various speeds
- Rainbow of colors available
- Suitable for all types of water
- Lead free and durable

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